Saturday, April 5, 2014

K22 Gadget


K22 Gadget was derived from K22 Gadget Lined, which was based on Gadget Lined. Gadget Lined is a dry-transfer font designed by Peter Bennett for Zipatone. 

I first thought of doing this two years ago but shelved the idea. The plain version is not that difficult to do considering the design of Gadget Lined. It is a simple question of willingness to do it. I wasn't up to it then but then I need something to get things going again. 

Aside from stripping off the lines from K22 Gadget Lined, I also expanded the font's cgaracter set. When I was done, I was only two characters (florin and mu) short of completing the Latin-1 codepage. 

An all-caps version of this font is available at Dafont. I made it all caps to  test an idea. The full font will be made available at Dafont later. This is part of my experiment.

By downloading the font, you agree to use the font for personal, private and non-commercial purposes only. You also agree that you will not make the font available for download from any web site and/or upload the font to font archives without my expressed and written permission. 

Download K22 Gadget: Mirror1 or Mirror2 

I am requesting you to link to this web page ( instead of directly linking to the font download -- please do not hotlink my download. 

And if you are interested in my fonts, you will find almost all of them at ABFonts and OFFSite. I also made available some of my fonts at Dafont and Fontspace. If you happen to find my fonts in other font archives, I did not upload my fonts there and those sites probably stole their content from the sites I linked to. You are solely responsible if you download a virus instead of a font from those unscrupulous sites masquerading as font archives. 


  1. I know your fonts are for personal use but do you offer a small business commercial license? I''m very interested in your Anabel font (and maybe this K22 Gadget font) to use in a business I started a few weeks ago....making custom vinyl signs.
    I appreciate your help and time!
    Donna C