Saturday, March 22, 2014

K22 EricGill Shadow


I did K22 EricGill Shadow back in 2011. This was the first of many fonts that I did resulting from the persistence of a good friend. It didn't hurt that he provided the source materials for the fonts. :) 

This is a digitization of Gill Sans Shadow 338 designed by Eric Gill for Monotype in 1929. AFAIK this is the only digitization of this font to date. The specimen that I have has a very limited character set that I expanded using specimens of other styles of Gill Sans Shadow as a basis. 

I did not use Gill Sans as the font's name as it could be a trademark for a font. Since the font was designed by Eric Gill, I thought that it would be safe to name the font after him. 

Going through the specimen, the 'S' does not seem to conform to how the other letters were done. There's too much white space and my eyes got lost trying to find the 'S' in it. I still did it the way it was shown but I also did an alternate 'S' somewhat similar to how it was done in the Gill Sans Shadow 408 specimen. The Scaron/scaron also have an alternate. 

I could not find a font with the Philippine Peso sign so I added one. It is found at Unicode 20B1 (Alt-8369) The peso sign is also available as a ligature in OpenType features. Typing the three characters P H P (no spaces between letters and in any combination of cases) will be replaced the Peso sign.

This is a minor update of the font. I switched the positions of the two versions of S. The alternats for S and Scaron are accessible through OT feature. Also added other OT features where applicable. Looking at the font, I believe that it should be redrawn but that has to wait. 


The original release of the font was in True Type, Open Type and Windows Type 1. I dropped the Windows Type 1 from this version as it seems like there is no longer a need for this format. 

By downloading K22 EricGill Shadow, you agree to use the font for personal, private and non-commercial purposes only. You also agree that you will not make the font available for download from any web site and/or upload the font to font archives without my expressed and written permission.

Download K22 EricGill Shadow: Mirror1 or Mirror2 

I am requesting you to link to this web page ( instead of linking directly to the font download -- please do not hotlink my download. 

And if you are interested in my fonts, you will find almost all of them at ABFonts and OFFSite. I also made available some of my fonts at Dafont and Fontspace. If you happen to find my fonts in other font archives, I did not upload my fonts there and those sites probably stole their content from the sites I linked to. You are solely responsible if you download a virus instead of a font from those unscrupulous sites masquerading as font archives. 

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